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Create these stunning earrings with Beadelle Pave Beads for a special occasion.



  1. Start by taking the 14mm Silver/Crystal Pave Bead, string it onto a gold head pin
  2. Trim off the excess metal from the headpin, leaving enough to bend into a small loop
  3. Grasping the top of the metal head pin with your needle nose pliers, bend in a counter clockwise motion ending at the top of the bead forming a loop
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with a 10mm and 8mm Silver/Crystal Pave Bead
  5. Take the remaining beads and string them each onto a head pin with a loop on the bottom
  6. Repeat steps 2-3
  7. Now you are ready to put together your earring
  8. Take a 10mm Gold/Crystal Pave Bead with a loop on both ends, attach an earring hook on one end
  9. Pick up your gold chain and cut 3 separate pieces 4 links, 5 links, 10 links
  10. Starting with the 4 link chain attach one end to the Pave Bead attached to the earring hook, then attached the 10 link chain, and then the 5 link chain
  11. On the end of the 4 link chain attach 6mm Gold /Crystal Pave Bead with a loop on each end
  12. On the end of the 10 link chain attach a 8mm Gold/Crystal Pave Bead with loops on each end
  13. On the end of the 5 link chain attach a 6mm Gold/crystal Pave bead with loops on each end
  14. Now cut your second set of chain links 9 links, 10 links, 14 links
  15. On the end of the 6mm bead with the 5 links above it, attach 9 links
  16. On the end of the 8mm bead with the 10 links above it, attach 10 links
  17. On the end of the 6mm bead with the 4 links above it, attach 14 links
  18. You’re almost done!
  19. On the end of the 9 links attach the 10mm Gold/Crystal Bead
  20. On the end of the 10 links attach the 14 mm Silver/Crystal Bead
  21. On the end of the 14 links attach the 8 mm Gold/Crystal Bead
  22. Repeat steps 1-21 to create the matching earring