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Merchants Overseas recently added SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Sew-Ons & Flat Back Shapes (fancy stones) to our website! You can create the most gorgeous designs with them!

Queen Elizabeth was spotted wearing custom 3D glasses while she watched the playback of her annual Christmas message.The stylish shades were branded with a Q shaped from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place last night and the models absolutely sparkled. For 10 years, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has partnered with the super-model-studded event.Throughout the night, VS beauties dazzled in outfits adorned with SWAROVSKI Crystals. The Women’s Wear Daily photo below shows one of the designer bras adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. So glitzy!


Spring/Summer 2013 Color Trends

Pantone recently released its Color Report. You can find similar hues
in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS line. Download this PDF.

During Christian Dior’s Spring 2013 ready-to-wear fashion show, the clothes were not the only thing that dazzled. Models graced the runway with bright eye makeup featuring SWAROVSKI Crystals. Renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath created the look by placing small crystals to the models’ eyelids with false eyelash glue. Us ladies over at Merchants Overseas wonder how long it took the models to remove the crystals once the show was over? Although we do admire the look!

Turning the pages of the December issue of InStyle made us giddy. The magazine featured crystal-adorned shoes, dresses, headbands and jewelry. ‘Tis the season to sparkle!

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS just introduced new products to its BECHARMED line. The products will be available to order in December. Read more about the expansion below:

After the successful Spring/Summer 2012 launch of BeCharmed Beads, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS followed it in 2013/14 with a comprehensive BeCharmed assortment consisting of BeCharmed Bead, Crystal BeCharmed Pearl, and BeCharmed Rondelle. Available in a wide palette of colors and effects, all except the BeCharmed Rondelle have stainless steel inner rings embossed with the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS branding, giving greater value to designs, together with added functionality.

Bringing yet more sparkle to the BeCharmed assortment, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is now launching a new collection of BeCharmed Pavé products. These elements are characterized by dazzling brilliance, thanks to the incorporation, variously, of XILION Chaton, XILION Square Fancy Stone, or Baguette Fancy Stone, and by the enhanced functionality of their logo-engraved 4.5 mm hole. Perfectly suited to necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and entire jewelry sets, they offer a variety of ways to make a style statement, and can be easily combined with the whole BeCharmed assortment.

Download this PDF for additional information.

Create this Perfect Necklace for the Holidays!

BEADELLE Pave Beads and Rhinestone Balls make great special-occasion jewelry. With the holidays approaching, here’s your chance to sparkle.



  1. Start making a loop with wire, about the size of the tip of your pinkie finger, wrap the remaining strand of wire around the tail of the loop 4 times, securing the end of the wire. 
  2. Thread on a 10mm BEADELLE Rhinestone Ball and wrap the wire around the ball 1 time in a circular motion from top to bottom.  Wrap the wire four more times around the bottom of the Rhinestone ball to secure it in place. 
  3. Thread on the following sequence: Rondelle, Briolette Bead, Rondelle, Briolette Bead, Rondelle,  21mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette Bead, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette Bead, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette Bead, 21mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette Bead, Rondelle, 28mm Rhinestone Ball, Rondelle, Briolette Bead, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette, 25mm Rhinestone Ball, Briolette, 21mm Rhinestone Ball, Rondelle, Briolette, Rondelle, Briolette, Rondelle, 10mm Rhinestone Ball.
  4. To finish the other end of the necklace, create a loop at the top of the Rhinestone Ball, about the size of your pinkie finger, make sure you leave room at the bottom of the Rhinestone Ball to wrap the wire four times. 
  5. Wrap the wire around the tail of the loop and the main wire four times.  In a circular motion, wrap the wire around the Rhinestone Ball from top to bottom, and wrap the wire around the bottom of the Rhinestone ball 4 times tucking the tail into the top of the Rondelle beneath it.
  6. Add on your strands of ribbon.  Take (1) of the 26 inch strands and fold it in half, thread the center of the ribbon loop through one of your wire loops, thread the tails of your ribbons back through you center ribbon loop, and pull to form a knot.
  7. Repeat (step 6) on the other side of the necklace
  8.  Create the bow.  Tie (1) 12-inch ribbon strand into a knot on top of the metal loop and ribbon that are already attached. Tie the remaining two stands of the 12-inch ribbon into a bow.
  9.  Trim the ends of your ribbons to give your necklace a finished look.

Mother of Pearl & BEADELLE Pave Bead Necklace


  • (1) 12mm BEADELLE Round Gold/Crystal Pave Clasp (shop now)
  • (6) 8mm BEADELLE Gold Crystal Pave Bead (shop now)
  • (3) 10mm BEADELLE Gold/Crystal Pave Bead (shop now)
  • (8) 32X7mm Genuine Mother of Pearl Cylinders with Caps (shop now)
  • (9) Gold Eye pins


  1. Take any pave bead and thread it on to an eye pin, trim off the excess metal so there’s just enough to bend it into a matching loop
  2. Repeat STEP 1 with the remaining 8 pave beads
  3. Attach the following pattern to an 8mm pave bead: (1) cylinder, (1) 10mm pave bead, (1) cylinder, (1) 8mm pave bead, (1) cylinder, 8mm pave bead, (1) cylinder, (1) 10mm pave bead, (1) cylinder,(1) 8mm pave bead, (1) cylinder,(1) 8mm pave bead, (1) cylinder, (1) 10mm  pave bead, (1) cylinder, (1) 8mm pave bead.
  4. Attach each side of the clasp to the 8mm pave beads at the ends of the necklace.

Carlo Rampazzi designed high-end furniture featuring faceted SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS. Although we won’t be sitting in this chair anytime soon, we can admire it’s beauty and craftsmanship. It inspires us to keep working on our crystal creative pursuits!